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Hello!   My name is Susan and I was born and raised in Gloucestershire where I developed a love of horses from a very early age.    I currently live in a small Chartist cottage where I keep four horses, two dogs, a cat and a husband!

I have ridden all my life and became interested in Holistic Therapy after being on the receiving end of it when my horse and I had a nasty fall which nearly killed us both.  Whilst doctors could only prescribe painkillers and sympathy, a Bowen Therapy practitioner managed to reach the inner source of the pain, using no more than gentle and relaxing tissue manipulation.  The pain receded, and having later applied the same therapy to my horse, he also became well again.

I decided to study the techniques myself and qualified as a Human Bowen Therapist in 2002.   I then went on to learn how to adapt the methods for use on horses, and subsequently added Equine Bowen Therapy to my repertoire.   I have never looked back.

Although I base my practice in Gloucestershire, I now travel to wherever I am needed by clients in the surrounding counties and beyond.

Bowen Therapy is equally effective on Dogs, as my own 17-year old collie cross would testify ... if you could catch up with her to ask!

After years of riding, I thought I knew everything there was to know about saddles.   However, the anatomy and physiology I had to study to qualify as a Bowen Therapist really opened my eyes and taught me how damaging to horse and rider even a slightly mis-fitting saddle can be.   I decided to complete a Saddle Fitting course so I could identify problems more easily and give proper advice.   I also offer a Horse Massage Therapy service to complement other treatments.

In 2004 I qualified in Reflexology and am currently studying Equine Acupressure which will soon enable me to offer an even wider variety of treatments to people, or animals, suffering from the knocks and traumas of today's busy world, or who just need a relaxing 'MOT' and battery re-charge!

If you would like to contact me on any of the subjects covered in this web site, or want to arrange a visit, please click here for convenience, or you can bookmark the contacts page and get in touch at any time.   I look forward to hearing from you.


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