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Equissage massage therapy is used mainly for two reasons: to rapidly bring your horse back to optimum fitness when it has been working hard, or to actively help in its recovery from illness.

Equissage is a unique 'Cycloid' massage treatment carried out with a hand massage unit, or with a massage pad easily secured by a breast and belly girth and D rings.   Willow (pictured) is demonstrating!

'Cycloid' massage was originally developed for humans and incorporates a unique three way massage which helps to stimulate circulation to affected areas and encourages the healing process for common conditions such as haematomas, pulled ligaments and swellings.   Here is a fuller list of its benefits:

Local blood circulation Venous drainage
Releasing tension Lymphatic drainage and swelling reductions
Joint mobility Respiratory conditions
Pulled ligaments, sore shins, swollen knees Foot, joint and tendon problems
Pre-race conditioning and after-race stiffness Sore and cold backs
Lactic acid, fibrinogen and vertebrae problems  

World No 1 Event Rider William Fox-Pitt says:

"I have used the Equissage pad for more than two years and have found it to be extremely valuable.   It undoubtedly improves the horses' performance.  I use the pad for warming up the horses before exercise, and put it on in the afternoon to help with any stiffness and lactic acid build-up that occurs after strenuous exercise.  It provides the horses with gentle comfort and relaxation"

  For other information and more testimonials, please visit www.equissage.co.uk.


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