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Equine Bowen Therapy involves a series of gentle, non-invasive connective tissue manipulations applied to key points on the horse’s body.  Like the Bowen Technique for people, it is an effective hands-on technique that addresses the whole Central Nervous System, promoting healing, pain relief and energy rebalancing.

Most of the Bowen body work is concentrated on connective tissue known as fascia. Unlike other structures, which have beginning and end points, fascia is a continuous membrane-like plastic wrap that covers every organ, blood vessel, nerve, muscle and bone throughout the whole body.  In prime condition, fascia is loose, moist, mobile and elastic, facilitating movement between the parts of the body and the flow of bodily fluids throughout the body.

Through a series of gentle cross-fibre moves, Bowen treatment releases “gluing” in the fascia, allowing the tissue to become more moveable.  As the fascia improves through better hydration, the body is able to provide a better supply of nutrients to the cells and remove waste.   There will then be less restriction on muscles, tendons and ligaments and the vascular, lymphatic and nervous systems will be able to function more effectively.

Conditions that respond well to a Bowen treatment:

  •  Uncharacteristic changes in temperament, behaviour or   performance. 

  •  Unlevelness or irregular action.   

  •  Uneven wear of shoes.

  •  Sore or ”Cold” backed.

  •  Stiffness on one rein, disunited in canter.

  •  Uneven muscle development or atrophy.

  •  Weakened immune system or sluggish lymphatic system.  

  •  General lethargy.

  •  Tightness in the neck.

  •  Discomfort or tension in the withers.

  •  Respiratory problems.

  •  Mental and/or emotional problems caused by pain, fear or  stress.

  •  Head shy problems.

  •  Girthing problems.

Horses can injure themselves by getting cast, pulling back when tied up, slipping on tarmac or icy roads, and from poorly fitting saddles or rugs.

Many horses that have been retired due to stiffness can be returned to gentle work following Bowen Therapy (the picture above is of Burt, a 30-year old bundle of mischief who can still teach the younger horses a thing or two!).

Bowen Therapy can help you and your horse to be in harmony with each other.                              

A treatment will take approximately one hour, and one to five treatments at weekly intervals may be needed to achieve lasting relief.

The best protection you can have is prevention

As sports therapist Jack Meagher says “No athlete should wait to be injured before getting help!”

Equine Bowen Therapy is approved and supported by the ECBS (European College of Bowen Studies), BTER (Bowen Therapist’s European Register), BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association), and is recognised by the BHVMA (British Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association).

Please note, Equine Bowen Therapy and the Bowen Technique are not intended as a substitute for medical or veterinary advice. If in doubt please contact your veterinary Surgeon or Doctor.    


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